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Pho Basil

177A Mass Avenue Boston MA
T. 617.262.5377 F. 617.262.5259

Sun – Thurs / 11:30am – 10:00pm
Fri & Sat / 11:30am – 10:30pm

Today was a really terrible day in the city of Boston. With snow and slush all over the place it didn’t really feel like yesterday was the first day of spring. I took a trip to Pho Basil for one of my favorite foods, Pho. Now I know this meal isn’t very African at all but a lot of west African countries have asian influences in their cuisine.

Pho Basil which is located on Mass ave is a Vietnamese restaurant that serves a variety of traditional Vietnamese cuisine and even some Thai choices. Pho Basil is a nice location for a late lunch since it isn’t very crowded or busy during that time. The location isn’t very big it is a nice size to have a lunch or dinner with a friend or two and be able to hear what they are saying to you.

The appetizers at pho basil range from $3.95 for edemame to $8.95 for roasted quail. which isn’t a bad range in prices especially if the only thing you may want on the menu are appetizers. The appetizer I went for was my favorite appetizer of all time crab ragoon. Pho basil has some of the best crab ragoon I’ve ever had because the stuffing inside is spicy and the shell is so light and crispy. I thought the crab ragoon at Pho Basil were amazing.

Since I went during lunch time there was a lunch special on the menu which I didn’t take advantage of, but if taken  you wanted to try the special, you would be able to get 3 things for about $6.95 which is a great deal if you want a bunch of different things all at once for little money.

Eventually I ordered a big bowl of Seafood Pho also known as Tom Cua, which is always very nice on a cold snowy post first day of spring afternoon.

Large bowl of seafood pho

The dish consist of Seafood noodle soup with shrimp, calamari, imitation crab meat and fish cake in chicken broth with rice noodles. It’s usually accompanied by soy bean sprouts a lime wedge and fresh mint on the side to be added to the soup as you eat. it also comes with condiments such as hot Sirachi sauce (chilli sauce) and hsin sauce (fermented fish paste) which adds to the tastyness of the dish. My seafood pho cost $7.25 and the cheapest pho dishes cost as little as $5.75 for a small. Other entrees such as rice dishes ranged from $6.75 to $10.95.

side of soy bean sprouts, fresh mint, and lime wedge

The condiments

The restaurant did accept credit card and is handicap accessible. My meal overall cost 15 dollars with tip included. The food was high quality and the atmosphere was calm and relaxing which is always great for a late afternoon lunch.

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