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Lately the news has been filled with either news from the earthquake in Japan or Libya. There is a lot of misconceptions with the reporting and all that is going on in the country as to why the people have been protesting and how it all began. There is even misconception of the quirky leader Qaddafi.

Due to all the revolts that began in primarily arab speaking african countries starting with Tunisia. Most of the revolts started because the people of the countries were unhappy with the way their economies were as CNN described,

In Libya, protesters rallied against, among other things, high unemployment and a delay in a government housing project, and they eventually called for democracy and an end to Moammar Gadhafi’s almost 42-year-long rule.

Following the lead of two successful revolts preceding Libya, the country was able to begin their protest, however their revolution seemed to be covered very differently in the media then the Tunisian and Egyptian protest. instead of being called protestors the people fighting against Qaddafi became rebels and were considered very violent and the death toll rose everyday because of these violent clashes that ensued in some of the most highly populated cities in the country as news networks such as CNN say,

“At the beginning of March, the Libyan military¬†stepped up efforts to reclaim areas lost to rebels.”

This battle continues and soon right on cue the US gets involved launching missiles at the country at Qaddafi’s army and supporters. Why would the US get involved in something so far from them and a country that seems to not affect them very much? if you want to look deeper into this question just take a look at how much it takes to fill up your gas tank now a days. They are one of the biggest exporters of oil and this upheaval they’ve been having has been affecting the US greatly. however is it necessary to get involved in yet another conflict? Guess we will have just see what comes of it.

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