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African fashions becoming mainstream

Woman wearing traditional African prints and Patterns

Designers of all calibers and backgrounds have been finding inspiration in the vibrant and attention grabbing colors of African prints and patterns. From the runways of Paris to Milan designers have  been debuting their African inpired designs and in a way making African clothing “cool.” Known brands such as L.A.M.B, Missoni, and Suno have been fully embracing the trend and bringing it to life in their Spring 2011 collection as seen in the latest online issue of Teen Vogue.

“From L.A.M.B. to Missoni, the runway was a delightful smorgasbord of vibrant patterns inspired by everything from African fabrics to American prep staples. Forget everything your mother told you about mixing prints – for this look, the more you pile on the better!”

Everywhere you look this spring it seems like African print or as it is sometimes called “Tribal Prints” can be seen all throughout the runways and shopping locations such as Aldo and H&M. put together a list of key pieces to own in this trend and where they can be found.

African fashions and designs have always been vivid and inspiring across the continent and with its leap into the mainstream it may bring african designers  to the list of mainstream designers.

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Africa Night 2011!

On y va – Lets go was the theme for the night as Students from all different cultures and backgrounds came, last Saturday, to Northeastern’s African Student Organizations Africa night celebration. There were all kinds of African oriented entertainment from music, dance, food, and fashion. The night kicked off with traditional African dancing to drumbeats and ended with modern African dancing that showed the evolution of West African culture.

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Big Love: Polygamy

With the lovers month of February coming to an end I wanted to discuss a bit of a taboo topic that comes up in all parts of Africa. What is this topic? Well, its polygamy, when a man takes more than one wife. This trend appears mostly in Islamic societies on the continent but many tribes believe in the practice also. Many men take on multiple wives as a sign of status but sometimes for these men it backfires and they take on more then they can handle with the multiple wives and caring for them all such as in the case of Ayattu Nure and Ethiopian man who has 11 wives and 77 children who is struggling with caring for all of his family according to this BBC article,

“After seeing his fortune disappear under the competing demands of his enormous family, Ayattu Nure, 56, even urges people not to get married.”

This is becoming an issue in may different countries where men have been taking on many wives and have been ok to care for them but as the years go by their funds become depleted from all the children that are added to the family at once.

“Mr Ayattu says he used to be rich and wanted to share his wealth around, which is why he took so many wives.”

Polygamy seems to be an interesting subject where many seem to have their different opinions on the matter and even participate for their own reasons. The independent world a UK news org discussed this subject in depth.

“Polygamy is very common in the animist and Muslim communities of West Africa. In Senegal, for example, nearly 47 per cent of marriages are said to feature multiple women. It is relatively high still in many Arab nations; among the Bedouin population of Israel it stands at about 30 per cent.”

Whether you’re for polygamy or against it, it is a long-standing tradition that has been around for many years and doesn’t show any signs of ceasing.

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