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From Hollywood to Nollywood


Nollywood Films

Hollywood isn’t the only place movies are being made anymore. There’s a booming film industry based in Nigeria known as Nollywood. They produce between 1,000 to 2,000 movies per year making it the third largest film industry in the world. African movies have been around since the 1960’s however Nollywood hads been steadily gaining popularity all over the world including the US. They are able to churn out so many movies because of their lower budget as The Guardian UK explains,
“Nollywood makes about 2,400 films per year, putting it ahead of the US, but behind India, according to a Unesco report last year. Nigerian film-makers tend to operate in a fast and furious manner; shoots rarely last longer than two weeks, cheap digital equipment is almost always used and the average budget is about $15,000 (£9,664).”
You wont see fancy affects and camera work here. Nollywood movies focuses on stories that draw in the viewer. They have all the same aspects of the films we may watch in the U.S. with romance and action however the difference with these films are the twist they add to the films. They use different aspects of African culture in the films mainly from western Africa to tell the stories. Although Nigeria is the last place people would think of  to have a large film industry as abc news explains,
“Nollywood is a $200-million (€148-million) business in a country where 70 percent of the population still lives on less than $1 a day, where residents can consider themselves lucky if the power is on for two hours a day, and where raw sewage runs through open canals along the streets. It is a country known throughout the world for corruption, Internet fraud, prostitution and oil, but certainly not for its film culture.”
This surprising film industry that Nigeria has built is becoming an impacting force with the rapid growth and popularity through out the world. It’s an industry that should definitely not be over looked. It is even turing out super star actors like Genevieve Nnaji who as CNN described is being hailed as the African Julia Roberts
“The screen diva — dubbed the Julia Roberts of Africa — has starred in dozens of films, enchanting millions of movie fans across the continent.”
So if you ever want to find something new to watch try looking for a Nollywood produced film. You may just like it.
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