African fashions becoming mainstream

Woman wearing traditional African prints and Patterns

Designers of all calibers and backgrounds have been finding inspiration in the vibrant and attention grabbing colors of African prints and patterns. From the runways of Paris to Milan designers have  been debuting their African inpired designs and in a way making African clothing “cool.” Known brands such as L.A.M.B, Missoni, and Suno have been fully embracing the trend and bringing it to life in their Spring 2011 collection as seen in the latest online issue of Teen Vogue.

“From L.A.M.B. to Missoni, the runway was a delightful smorgasbord of vibrant patterns inspired by everything from African fabrics to American prep staples. Forget everything your mother told you about mixing prints – for this look, the more you pile on the better!”

Everywhere you look this spring it seems like African print or as it is sometimes called “Tribal Prints” can be seen all throughout the runways and shopping locations such as Aldo and H&M. put together a list of key pieces to own in this trend and where they can be found.

African fashions and designs have always been vivid and inspiring across the continent and with its leap into the mainstream it may bring african designers  to the list of mainstream designers.

All rights reserved by Tettey Sensimilli

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